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  • AGEN ALAT SURVEY ( gunapris ) JUAL AUTOMATIC LEVEL TOPCON AT-B4 hub.081314293338 / 02149771333

    Deskripsi The Topcon AT-B series sets a new standard for auto levels used in surveying, engineering and construction applications. The AT-B4 automatic level features further enhanced reliability under all environmental conditions. With the IPx6 rating, the instrument is protected against powerful water jets from all directions, making it fully resistant to driving rain and splashing water. The Topcon AT-B4 quickly levels and stabilizes the line of sight with its finely tuned magnetic damping system, in spite of any fine vibrations present when working near heavy equipment or busy highways. Features: Magnification : 24X WATERPROOF to IPX6 rating Short focus (1.6 ft. min.) Magnetic damping 360-Degree Horizontal Circle Sighting Guide 1:100 Stadia Approximate Range-250 feet. HUB : Tardi Hp : 081314293338 YM : tardi_gunapris CV. Gunapris Elcom Komp. Larangan Indah Jl. Anggrek 2 No.29 Ciledug,Tangerang.

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    Nama: Tardi

    Email: tardi_gunapris@yahoo.co.id

    Alamat: Komp. Larangan Indah Jl. Anggrek 2 No. 29

    Telepon: 02149771333

    URL Web: http://indonetwork.co.id/gunapristardi

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